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Matt’s wonderfully calm, reassuring presence guided me through an exhilarating breathwork session today. I will be back for more…


Breathwork was completely new to me. Matt created a space online which felt safe and supportive and led a group through the process with skill and sensitivity. I hugely valued the sense of awareness and peace that breathwork gave me.


Matt has a really reassuring and calm manner that enabled me to wholly embrace this new idea in a safe way.


I enjoyed Matt’s style as teacher and facilitator. I enjoyed feeling safe and trusting the process because I trusted Matt. I left the session with a fresh appreciation for how amazing my body is, a renewed wonder at the process of breath itself, and the beginning of an understanding of how my breath can open new spaces in my body, mind and emotional life. Breathwork feels like a game changer!


Matt has the confidence and experience to immediately inspire trust in his gentle instructions allowing me to let go and follow his guidance through the process.


There was nothing weird or mysterious about this breathing, it was just learning to use what I already have, and Matt made that so easy. He is easy to understand and made me realise it’s listening to my own body and breath. Matt has a calm aura , is very encouraging and peaceful. I felt enabled to have the freedom to be myself. Thank you.


Matt was an amazing guide to help us relax and notice things that I never would have before. The breathwork and other activities we did really made you appreciate where we were and how we were feeling without realising it.