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Jubilee Centre, a community development NGO in Zambia, needed to develop a community mobilisation programme that would attract external funding and mobilise the leaders and congregations of 80 churches from four urban economically poor communities. The project needed to bring together diverse communities, build capacity and enable locally owned poverty reduction initiatives to be grown, as well as help the communities to advocate for their needs nationally and share what they were doing globally.

Together with local staff and community groups we developed a three-year strategy that was successfully funded by external donors, and the programme has been implemented by the communities and local staff.

This programme stemmed from a five-year strategic planning exercise for Jubilee Centre, which I organised with staff and board members.

“I want to say thank you for your life and work amongst us. I especially want to thank you for helping us understand how to do work that moves beyond giving handouts, to helping people improve their lives.

You were committed to encouraging churches neighbourliness and to a sense of community togetherness that they work together for common goals. Thank you for your service of compassion, love, faithfulness and justice.”

Lawrence Temfwe, Executive Director, Jubilee Centre