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Over five years as a staff member and freelance consultant I helped the international development agency Tearfund, develop it’s role as a leading advocacy-led campaigning organisation. During this time I project-managed a range of campaigns and creative projects from planning to implementation.

Including campaign strategy development, identifying effective decision maker and audience participation, development of specific campaign communications and products such as magazines, postcards, posters and web pages, and representing Tearfund on a number of coalition campaigns on issues of climate change, aid, debt, landmines, trade and tourism.

Examples of projects I led for Tearfund:

Connect! Westminster – In 2001 Tearfund’s Connect! Westminster campaign developed supporter involvement in the political process around the General Election, and promoted the connection between UK politics and international development.

globalaction – Following a review of Tearfund’s campaign communication globalaction was redesigned and launched as a quarterly magazine and CD-Rom with regular email updates.

Water Matters – In 2002 I created and managed the Water Matters campaign for Tearfund and WaterAid. This raised the issues of water and sanitation with politicians, civil servants, the media and public in the run up to the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, South Africa. The campaign attracted widespread support, with over one hundred and twenty thousand signatures on a national petition, thousands of postcards being sent to MPs and events taking place across the UK. The campaign successfully achieved its main objective at the World Summit where international targets on water and sanitation were agreed.

Whose Earth? – Tearfund’s Whose Earth? campaign was an early integrated approach to climate change and disaster prevention. Whose Earth? was designed as an umbrella campaign to enable clear messaging on seemingly complicated and separate issues to help supporters engage holistically on an area integral to Tearfund’s work and partners.